STS pre-conference tours

We are excited to announce three specially-designed tours for all STS delegates. These tours cover various themes and highlight the best that the Inverness/Loch Ness region has to offer.

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Tour 1: Historical Tour

Culloden Battlefield

With over 1200 dead in just one hour, Culloden was a short but bloody battle.   The last to be fought on British Soil changed the way of life of the Highlands and Islands forever. The battlefield itself has been restored to as close as possible as was marched on by the two sides on that fateful day. At the visitor centre, experience and understand the events leading up to, during and after the battle. Follow characters who were involved in the battle around the interactive exhibition, experience the true horror of the battle in an immersive film, take a battlefield tour and watch the daily living history presentations which bring the battle to life.

Cawdor Castle

A fairy tale castle dating back to the late 14th century, Cawdor is a splendid house, still lived in today by the Cawdor family. The ancient castle has evolved over 600 years with low doorways, turnpike stairs, massive walls and its original kitchen and along the way has been lovingly filled with beautiful furniture, fine portraits, intriguing objects and amazing tapestries. Cawdor castle also features three outstanding gardens which include herbaceous borders, roses, rhododendrons, the rare blue poppy, spring bulbs, contemporary sculptures and a wild garden. A truly extraordinary place you can slip right into Scottish history.

Tour 2: Loch Ness Tour


For 40 years Loch Ness by Jacobite has helped people experience the mysteries and myths of the world famous Loch Ness. With years of experience and great knowledge of the Loch the aim is to help the customer create their own story of Loch Ness and ensure they have the best experience. Offering a variety of tours and cruises to suit whether you want to search for Scotland’s most famous legend, delve into the history of the Highland Clans or explore the remarkable ruins of Urquhart Castle, there’s something for everyone at Loch Ness.

Urquhart Castle

Discover more than 1000 years of stirring Scottish history centred on the Great Glen. The magnificently situated Urquhart Castle, on the shore of Loch Ness, has seen some of the most dramatic chapters in our nation’s story. Urquhart Castle, once one of Scotland’s largest castles, remains an impressive stronghold despite its ruinous state. Witnessing considerable conflict throughout its 500 years as a medieval fortress, the history is told in the exhibition and audio-visual display in the new visitor centre. Featuring an array of medieval artefacts found at the castle, it also tells the stories of the noble families who held the castle at different times.

Tour 3: Scenic Tour

Dores Beach

Located at the top of Loch Ness on the South Side, Dores beach is a pebble beach that stretches across Loch Ness from the village of Dores to Torr Point and has some of the most iconic views of Loch Ness. A popular spot to explore with both locals and tourists, Dores beach is also home to Steve Feltham, the Nessie Hunter.

Suidhe Viewpoint

Along the South Loch Ness Trail and situated at 1200ft, Suidhe Viewpoint is the perfect location to view south Loch Ness as it stretches out before you. It is the peaceful ‘undiscovered’ side of Loch Ness dominated by quiet minor roads and small communities – the population of the area is today still less than 1000 inhabitants.

Falls of Foyers

The Falls of Foyers (the smoking falls in Gaelic) tumbles down 165 feet to create a fine spectacle of a waterfall. After heavy rains the site is simply stunning and standing at the upper viewpoint you will get soaked from the spray of the falls. The view would be even better but the flow of the falls was reduced in 1895 through the building of an aluminium smelter. Although the plant shut in 1967after being bombed in WW2, the site is now part of a pumped-storage hydroelectricity system.