VisitBritain Quiz & People Will Talk: The Real Value of Communities and How to Manage Them

The end result of community management isn’t engagement. The end result isn’t improved satisfaction ratings, greater awareness, or feedback. The end result is greater profits.

In this keynote, Richard Millington, founder of FeverBee and author of Buzzing Communities: How to Build Bigger, Better, and More Active Online Communities, will crack the ‘social code’ behind successful social groups by analyzing a library of repeatable case studies that transformed audiences, customers, and prospects into united, supportive groups. He’ll share the cutting edge psychology and advanced data insights that inform successful community management. Richard will explain why travel bloggers and the travel industry can realize greater success by creating communities and he’ll share specific, tactical steps – from attracting your first members to sustaining a high level of engagement – to help you begin building yours.

Coffee Break

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Upping Your Social Game Part 1: Facebook and Snapchat

Oh, the frustrations people have with Facebook! It can drive significant traffic if Facebook likes you, but won’t if it doesn’t. How do you start from a virtual stop and grow quickly? Yvonne has some realistic and valuable advice to share. You’ll also hear from Claudia about Facebook Live. Likewise for Snapchat, the relatively new kid on the social media block for travel bloggers. Niamh will share the ways of Snapchat. She tell you how Snapchat shines and how to grow your audience.

How to Get the Absolute Best Out of Bloggers

We hate to tell you this travel industry, but you don’t always take full advantage of our skills, talents, influence, posts, photos, and all that we do to promote your destinations, products or services. At this session three travel bloggers will give you the goods on how to get the most from your investment in them. Not every blogger is strong on all social platforms. Learn how to identify real versus perceived strengths and how to partner with bloggers to maximize results on chosen platforms. Learn how to take campaigns beyond the objectives so that they last longer, reach farther, and get better results.