About the Conference

The Social Travel Summit is an exclusive opportunity to engage and connect with specially-invited leading professional travel influencers from around the world, as well as industry professionals, and to be part of a high-level discussion about the future of online travel marketing. Expert keynote speakers will reveal trends in digital marketing.

Through workshops, seminars and round table forums, the focus of The Social Travel Summit is to exchange success stories and innovative ideas in an unprecedented way; one that focuses on education and collaboration.

The Summit is brought to you by the world’s leading professional travel influencer network, iambassador in collaboration with Reiseblogger Kollektiv and Traveldudes.

With limited spaces for industry professionals and digital travel media, The Social Travel Summit aims to be at the forefront of developing professional standards while also providing a relaxed environment for gainful networking and in-depth learning. Delegates will benefit greatly from new digital marketing insights and in-depth discussions as well as gain exclusive access to the top travel bloggers and influencers. Join us. Be part of the future of travel marketing & publishing.

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STS Hamburg 2015 with keynote speaker Andrew Davies.

What You Can Look Forward To: Speakers & Program

A hand-picked selection of leading social media experts, industry professionals and travel bloggers will speak at The Social Travel Summit. Specialists in content, photography, videography, digital media, social networking, marketing, story-telling and niche travel, these experts will share their extensive experience and knowledge across a range of presentations, workshops and informal discussion forums. Held over two days, uplifting keynote speeches will kick off an inspired and unique 48 hours of in-depth information exchange and networking. With results that will shape future digital trends in travel, The Social Travel Summit connects travel bloggers with industry, blends networking with learning and turns discussion into collaboration.

The Creative & Connected – Social Media Experts

Connecting is key to achieving readership, engagement and results. The social media specialists presenting at the Social Travel Summit are both industry and online experts with unique knowledge of social channels and digital media campaigns. Refresh your understanding of social networking and accelerate the impact of your digital marketing efforts with the vast amounts of take-away knowledge you’ll gain.

The Industry Gurus – Travel Industry Professionals

Drawing on years of experience of destination marketing, the travel industry professionals speaking at the Social Travel Summit are proficient in collaborating with online publishers and supporting highly successful collective projects. Through round table discussions and forums, industry gurus will offer proactive advice and ideas for advancing the relationship between online travel publishers and trade organisations.

The Content Creators – Travel Bloggers

Consistently at the forefront of digital trends in the industry, travel bloggers continue to develop innovative ways to communicate experiences with online travel consumers. The travel bloggers speaking at the Social Travel Summit have been featured in international media like National Geographic, The New York Times and CNN; learn from their success as they share the skills and techniques that help them connect with millions of travellers.

The STS Gala Dinner at Achnagairn Castle; STS Inverness 2016 (image courtesy of Juliana Broste).