Peter Jordan

Senior Tourism Analyst, Toposophy

Peter Jordan has emerged as one of the travel industry’s leading specialists on Millennial consumers and their effect on the dynamics of global tourism. He is an avid follower of tourism trends and works extensively in industry education and forward-planning for destinations and travel brands around the world. Peter is a Millennial traveller himself and has visited nearly 40 countries, researching and observing the ways in which his generation is changing the travel industry and how the travel industry can capitalise on those changes.

Originally from the UK, Peter has worked for the United Nations World Tourism Organization in Madrid as well as the World Youth, Student, and Educational Travel Confederation in Amsterdam. Over the years he has authored industry-leading reports on youth travel, the emerging markets, LGBT travel, and the sharing economy. Today he is applying his knowledge through a range of projects led by Toposophy, an integrated destination marketing agency that assists destinations and travel brands to meet the needs of the next generation of travellers and make the best of what every place has to offer.