STS Think Tank: Issues in the Blogger/Industry Partnership

A key objective of The Social Travel Summit is to improve and expand the ways in which bloggers and the travel industry collaborate. The “Think Tank” is a session in which delegates from both sides of the equation brainstorm and discuss the challenges of collaboration and identify solutions that will benefit all.

This year the Think Tank will ask all delegates to explore the role and transformation of destination management organisations, the value that travel bloggers bring to their clients and how it can be better measured and presented, as well as the role that bloggers have in helping destinations solve some of their biggest challenges.

You can read more about the discussions, findings, and recommendations from the 2014 and 2015 Think Thanks here. A report on the 2016 Think Tank will be published following the Summit and we encourage participants across the industry to read and share it.

The STS Think Tank is sponsored by Toposophy

Facilitated by Peter Jordan, Senior Tourism Analyst, Toposophy