Erik van Erp

Erik van Erp

Founder & Publisher, Around The Globe

As the founder and publisher of Around the Globe travel community, Erik is one of the top influencers in the Netherlands. The Around the Globe community has, since its inception in 2002, grown to become one of the largest independent traveler communities in the country. With his background in IT, Erik has developed unique tools to provide support to travelers during their journeys. An avid traveler himself, he keeps abreast of the changing needs of his audience by constantly polling and using innovative analytical growth strategies.

Erik is a speaker at travel conferences and universities revealing digital marketing strategies and analytical topics in an easy, understandable way. Erik is the Director of IT for iambassador and advises iambassador bloggers and the iambassador Management Team on technical and analytical challenges to help the travel industry move forward. He has and will play an instrumental role in developing the iambassador blogger database with its integrated project management, tracking, and ROI calculation systems where he will continue to develop and execute iambassador’s IT strategies, client reporting, and internal communication platforms.

Defining Desired Outcomes and How to Measure Them

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Digital influencer campaigns have become the new norm. With every campaign you learn new things, but we should ask ourselves some questions. Are we (influencers) executing campaigns correctly? Have we (industry) set the right goals and made the right selection? Is there room for improvement? With the internet moving more and more in a data-driven direction, […]