STS Project: tracking the consumer journey on travel blogs

How do travellers find relevant content? Are they looking for inspiration, travel tips or opinions on attractions? How do blogs influence the consumer journey, from inspiration to conversion? These are some of the questions travel content creators and marketers ask in order to serve content that’s relevant, fine-tune SEO strategies and provide optimal value when promoting destinations, travel products and services. The answers to these questions also help both content creators and travel/destination marketers to collaborate more effectively.

In line with the Social Travel Summit’s aims to initiate innovative projects and foster effective industry collaborations, we are excited to announce that VisitBritain and iambassador are embarking on an industry first audience tracking pilot with tech partners Travel Audience and Amadeus Video Solutions.

The Consumer Journey (STS Hamburg 2015).

This project will study the consumer journey from the moment they land on blog posts, how much time they spend on the post and their ensuing actions. This will give an understanding on the effect blogging has on travel consumers and conversions, and bring insight to the collaboration process between a tourist board and content creators/influencers.

32 travel bloggers (from 12 countries) who are attending #STSBelfast will participate in this project. Following the conclusion of the conference, the bloggers will embark on various trips across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and share their experiences via their blogs and social media channels. The blog and video content will be tracked in adherence with cookie and privacy laws to gather data for this project.

Travel Audience and Amadeus Video Solutions will provide cutting-edge tracking systems and platforms to follow the consumer journey across blog and video content. The resulting data will be analysed to help VisitBritain, iambassador and the participating bloggers to understand the needs and actions of consumers better, and how improvements can be made.

This project will run up to a year and the aggregated data and analysis will be presented at conferences and trade shows. Preliminary results may be presented at WTM London 2018 or ITB Berlin 2019, and a full report at STS 2019 after a year of tracking.

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