A key objective of the Social Travel Summit is to focus on the way the industry and bloggers already work together and find practical ways to improve it. One important component of the Summit is a “Think Tank” session in which delegates will have the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss issues affecting the industry-blogger relationship.


For the first time, the STS Ravenna 2019 Think Tank was open to all delegates. The delegates were free to choose which topic was of most interest to them and join the discussion group. The following topics were discussed:

1. How to influence the influencers?

2. What does responsible behaviour look like by bloggers and DMOs?

3. From marketer to facilitator: How DMOs are changing and what bloggers can do to support them.

4. How to break the numbers cycle? How else can we measure success?

5. Reflecting our travel readers: Diversity in travel blogging.

The STS Ravenna Think Tank also included two role-play groups which were given the task of discussing the client-blogger relationship within the framework of a given scenario and act out their findings during a 30-minute role play session.

In addition, a special group was given the task of reassessing the STS Code of Ethics for travel bloggers which was first created in 2014. Based on their discussions, a new Charter of Ethics will be published for all travel bloggers to adopt.


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The first Social Travel Forum (STF) was held in the Austrian city of Graz on Wednesday, May 22nd 2019, hosted by Graz Tourismus. iambassador, in partnership with Graz Tourismus brought together nine thought leaders from the world of destination marketing and content creation to ask: “What role should travel bloggers and content creators play in the future of destination marketing?”

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The STS Belfast 2018 Think Tank comprised of twenty delegates who discussed the following topics:

1. How to Create Authenticity

2. The Impact of Tourism in Destinations and the Role of Travel Bloggers

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The STS Kitzbuehel 2017 Think Tank comprised of thirty delegates who discussed the following topics:

1. Putting together the perfect (influencer) visit

2. Going beyond content

3. In times of trouble To download the STS Think Tank Report 2017, please click on the button below:


At the STS Inverness 2016 Think Tank, thirty delegates were given three topics to discuss:

1. How to better articulate the value of working with travel influencers beyond the statistics

2. Getting savvy: Understanding the political context for DMOs and working better with local business

3. Using influence to help tackle challenges in destination management.

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At the STS Hamburg 2015 Think Tank, a selection of thirty delegates representing a balanced mix of industry & bloggers were invited to discuss a range of topics and come up with practical ideas & suggestions for improving the way bloggers/influencers and industry work together. Three topics (1. Structures & People; 2. Money & Budgets; 3. Knowledge & Understanding) were discussed during a two-hour session. Their findings are summarised in the Think Tank Report.

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At the STS Leipzig 2014 Think Tank, around thirty delegates were asked to discuss five specific topics and if possible come up with some key points, recommendations, suggestions, or solutions. Their discussions, findings and recommendations are presented in the STS Think Tank Report.

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