The Social Travel Summit 2019 will continue to break new ground in travel and destination marketing.

As always, it will be a small conference of just around 150 delegates which will include top bloggers and influencers from around the world as well as industry representatives seeking to leverage their clout. Being small is an advantage: serious discussion, networking and learning takes place in a way that would be impossible at larger conferences.

The arrival date for all delegates is Monday, 23rd September 2019. In the afternoon, a variety of city tours will be organised for all delegates. In the evening, the delegates will be welcomed at a reception and dinner at some of Ravenna’s most treasured landmarks. 

The conference kicks off at 9am on Tuesday, 24th September 2019. In the evening, delegates will be invited to the STS Gala Dinner at one of Ravenna’s most beautiful museums.

 The conference continues on Wednesday, 25th September 2019 and ends with a closing party. Delegates will be transported to the beach for an evening of fun, food and drinks by the seaside.

Watch this space for updates on the STS Conference Programme and speakers.

Decision Science – Why People Buy

Phil Barden

This session provides unique insights into decision-making processes and the buying behaviour of consumers.

Machine Learning, AI,  Storytelling and the Customer Journey

Peter Watson-Wailes

How to Navigate and Shape the Future

Liselotte Lyngsø

What’s Google Up To?

Speaker TBC.

Influencer ROI and Content Platforms

Amber Hoffman

Instagram issues as well as the life cycle of various forms of social posts and online content should encourage brands to think more strategically about where they are spending their budget. This session will show the life cycle of various types of content and platforms as a way to diversify marketing budgets.

Strategies for Organic Traffic

Astrid Taran, Kaila Yu

In this session, we will explore strategies to drive organic traffic to blogs and websites via different platforms such as Flipboard, Pinterest and Newsjack.

STS Think Tank

The STS Think Tank will return for the sixth time for another session of knowledge-sharing and brainstorming. Peter Jordan will facilitate the discussions on topics ranging from influencer ethics to overtourism and sustainable travel.