Interview with Peter Jordan

Peter Jordan has played a key role in the Social Travel Summit since 2016 by facilitating the discussions at the STS Think Tank and creating the STS Think Tank Report. Recently, he also facilitated discussions at the Social Travel Forum about the role of travel content creators in the ever-changing world of tourism marketing. Peter will be back again this year at STS Ravenna so we decided to ask him about his thoughts on STS:

What made you want to be part of the Social Travel Summit?

I enjoy being part of the Social Travel Summit as it’s an extremely diverse and friendly group of professionals from the world of destination marketing. The size of the Summit makes it easy to get to know people quickly, and I’m always impressed by the collaborative spirit among travel bloggers and professionals from across the industry; always ready to share past experiences and give practical advice. I enjoy discussing the latest issues in destination management with the groups, to see where they can use their skills to forge a new role in this vitally important area.

Peter Jordan presenting a summary of the STS Think Tank at STS Belfast 2018.

What will you be speaking about?

My job is to set up and facilitate the Social Travel Summit Think Tank. Every year delegates tell us how much they value the opportunity to discuss the issues most important to them in the blogger-industry relationship, so we’ve decided to open up this opportunity to everyone. For the first time at STS Ravenna, the Think Tank groups will be open to all and there will be wide range of topics to choose from and discuss. Delegates will also have their recommendations written up in a report that will be issued for the benefit of the wider travel industry.

What at STS are you most looking forward to?

Can I say the food?! Only joking (though I have to say STS ensures that delegates end up eating the best of the destination they’re visiting). Actually, I really enjoy listening to the exclusive workshops for the travel industry, to get a better understanding of the political issues they’re facing on a daily basis, and to think about how we as a community might be able to help.

Thank you Peter and see you soon in Ravenna!

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