Peter Jordan

Peter Jordan


Peter Jordan is a consultant and researcher specialised in the curation and interpretation of travel trends, for diverse clients from inside and outside the tourism industry. With a background in industry education as well as marketing and communications at various tourism industry associations, he has gained a panoramic view of global travel, including the influence of consumer trends on travel behaviour. He started his career working for the United Nations World Tourism Organization in Madrid and has also worked for the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation, as well as the Pacific Asia Travel Association.

In 2014 Peter founded the travel trends site GenCTraveller and also became an international associate of Toposophy, piloting the company’s research. He has built a strong reputation for delivering insights on tourism, marketing and consumer trends that are trustworthy, thought-provoking and inspire people to take action.

STS Think Tank

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During the four years since its inception, the Social Travel Summit has become established as a leader in its field. Since the event attracts high-calibre attendees, it is essential that the Think Tank is used as a space where delegates are encouraged to think about the bigger issues in tourism beyond their immediate field of […]