The STS Think Tank Report 2019 is now live!

Download your FREE copy of STS Think Tank Report 2019, today!

It’s with great honour that we write to you today to let you know the latest STS Think Tank Report is now published and available for download.

The result of extensive Think Tank discussions which took place at STS Ravenna in September this year, the 2019 STS Think Tank Report summarises the key take-aways of these forums, which were comprised of both content creators and representatives of DMOs and the travel industry.

As with all previous years’ Reports, this Think Tank Report is completely free to download. Get your copy from this page. It’s also where you’ll find links to download all of the previous years’ Think Tank Reports.

What you can expect from this year’s Think Tank Report

Each year the Think Tank Report gives travel industry professionals and content creators a strong indicator of the key issues and challenges that the upcoming year(s) will bring to online travel marketing. There are lessons to be learned, practical takeaways to implement, and considerable food for thought in regards to the marketing ideas and strategy you work on today and in the future.

Below is a short extract from the report outlining what it contains and how it can help you and your business in 2020, and beyond.

“As individuals, consumers and, ultimately, as travellers, we’re all becoming more acutely aware of our impact on the environment and society around us. As a result, the travel industry as a whole is quickly having to adapt to this mass shift in consumer values. This is occurring at a time when globally, demand for travel continues to rise. As a result, this situation is posing considerable challenges, especially in already-popular destinations. What does all this mean for those responsible for promoting destinations?

As this year’s Social Travel Forum found, DMOs are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the impact of their work for the wider economy, and to ensure that they are preserving the quality of life and the environment for local residents. As organisations, their role is gradually shifting from direct promotion, towards helping local businesses to do this themselves. In certain circumstances, they’re also having to take a stronger role in destination management; ensuring that the impact of visitor spending is spread more widely and does not harm local residents’ quality of life.

Another increasingly important theme for consumers is that of diversity; historically, the travel industry has lagged behind when it has come to representing people of colour, the LGBTQ community, travellers with disabilities and other groups of consumers who don’t always identify with travel marketing content. In this year’s STS Think Tanks, we wanted to explore how these issues can be addressed in a practical way in order to generate useful recommendations for the wider travel industry.”

To read more, download your copy of the STS Think Tank Report 2019 here.

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