The Social Travel Summit 2019 goes to Ravenna!

We are very proud to announce that the 2019 edition of the Social Travel Summit will go to Italy for the first time!

Piazza del Popola in Ravenna.

Taking place on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September 2019, the Social Travel Summit will be in Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna! Partnering with Emilia-Romagna Tourism and with support from Ravenna Tourism and the Municipality of Ravenna, the two-day conference will include keynotes by industry leaders, panel presentations and round-table discussions, as well as multiple fun networking events.

Basilica di San Vitale, one of eight UNESCO Heritage sites in Ravenna.

STS Ravenna will also feature the annual STS Think Tank. Conversations from the Think Tank form the basis of the Social Travel Summit Think Tank Report which discusses many of the trends and challenges the industry faces. As with previous Social Travel Summits there will also be a lavish gala dinner for delegates as well as welcoming and closing receptions where everyone can enjoy the history, art and gastronomy of Ravenna!


This will be the sixth edition of STS and we’re excited to partner with our Emilia-Romagna friends to bring STS to Ravenna. Emilia-Romagna Tourism and iambassador have been partners since 2012, when the first Blogville project was initiated in Bologna. Since then, many projects and campaigns have been jointly organised, including EuroFoodTrip, which went on to win a World Travel Award for Europe’s Leading Marketing Campaign in 2017.

The entire iambassador team are looking forward to working with Emilia-Romagna and Ravenna. iambassador CEO, Keith Jenkins, had this comment about the announcement:

“We’re very excited to bring the Social Travel Summit to Emilia-Romagna for the first time! I’m a huge fan of the region, which is rich in history, art and nature, and famous the world over for its food and wines, and cars (think Ferrari and Lamborghini!). Since its inception in 2014, STS has greatly raised the level of understanding of digital marketing in travel. Moreover, many innovative marketing concepts were conceived at our brainstorming and networking sessions; some have even gone on to win awards around the world. This year, the sixth edition of STS, we’ll present thought-provoking keynotes, exciting discussions and fun events. Together with our partners Emilia-Romagna Tourism and Ravenna, we look forward to welcoming STS delegates in Ravenna in September!”

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