What to expect from the Speakers at STS Belfast

By Janice Waugh, STS Conference Director

At iambassador, we’ve been thinking a lot about growth marketing, goal setting, what truly delivers long term results and how to measure them for continual improvement.

We tackle these topics throughout the conference starting with rock star content marketer, Jason Miller delivering the opening keynote on Demand Generation Marketing. Jason will break down what it takes to acquire, nurture, and convert the traveler into a customer and advocate for your blog, social platforms, website, destination, and/or product. Jason is global content marketing leader at LinkedIn by day, and a rock ‘n’ roll photographer by night. You can expect an interesting and entertaining session.

Closing STS will be Nick Westergaard. Yes, we’re having him back but in quite a different role. He’s going to help us focus on take-aways from the Summit. He’ll introduce the plan at the opening keynote and pop-in with his take-aways from time to time throughout the two days. At the closer of STS, he’ll facilitate a Take-Away Workshop. He’ll help you get more out of every single session of the Summit.

In between these two sessions we have lots more for you.

Chris Marr, founder and driving force behind the Content Marketing Academy will speak about the strategic intersection of content, SEO and revenue.

Ian Cleary, founder of the award-winning blog and content marketing agency, RazorSocial, will speak on the 5-step process for optimizing content for outcomes.

Erik van Erp of Around the Globe, will speak on setting goals, defining outcomes, executing campaigns, and how to measure them.

Dana DiTomaso, President & Partner at Kick Point, will teach us how to tie together the strategies, tactics and tools we’ve learned into a realistic action plan.

Sorcha Mackenzie, conversion copywriting expert who has worked for Disney, Marvel, and LucasFilm will co-present with Dana on realistic strategies for a pay-to-play social world.

The peer-to-peer sessions for bloggers and industry will be back as well as the popular Think Tank, facilitated by Peter Jordan. There will be workshops designed especially for industry on DMO management and Destination Marketing Beyond Europe and North America. Other sessions have been developed for the bloggers/influencers on revenue streams that don’t involve travel and how to get out of the trenches and hire the support you need to grow your publication.

It’s going to be a great year at STS. I hope you’ll join us because knowledgeable speakers are just part of what makes the Summit great. The collective knowledge and expertise of everyone in attendance is what takes STS above and beyond its peers.

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