There are several good reasons to join us at The Social Travel Summit, but this time we’re going to let previous delegates talk for us. Below you’ll find a short selection of the testimonials and feedback we’ve received from previous STS delegates.

Testimonials from DMOs

“The thing I like most about STS is that it’s a fabulous opportunity to meet not only with influencers who are trying to make the influencer marketing space better, but also brands and DMOs who are experiencing similar issues and challenges, and to have some good conversations.”- Emma Mead, Visit Britain

“The number of people here are absolutely right. In the two days we have the opportunity been here we have met and talked to every single one.” – Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Tourism Authority of Thailand

“STS is great for a growing destination like us to learn about travel bloggers, the industry, and key trends. In three days, the information I have gathered is worth years of value.” – Chaminda Munasinghe, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau

“STS is really targeted to my specific needs, in that it is only the travel sector and it’s bringing me together with the bloggers and influencers that I need to target anyway. It’s just a really efficient way to meet them all.” – Emma Gorman, Tourism Ireland 

“It’s a great place just to share ideas and to think about how the travel industry is moving forward.” – Rachel Spracket, Tourism New Zealand

“I loved the people! What a great bunch of people to meet from different parts of the world and different backgrounds, and I get to talk to them and promote my wonderful country!” – Rob Jones, Cymru Wales

Testimonials from Travel Brands

“The thing I liked  the most was definitely the opportunity to get to know different perspectives from different audiences – from bloggers, from DMOs. All these insights come together and you have a melting pot of information that is really helpful.” – Sabina Woller, Trivago

“STS is also a place to really hear feedback from bloggers on what we can do to improve our products, and it’s a good way to gain a mutual understanding of what the needs are on both sides.” – Josi Mathar, SkyScanner

“From a brand perspective, STS is an opportunity to really raise awareness of our brand and product, and to also have the opportunity to network with both bloggers and industry.” – David Arcifa, MSC Cruises

“It’s the collaboration between everybody who attends STS that, I think, is going to make the industry better in the future.” – Debbie Hindle, Four Communications

“We had an exciting couple of days at STS filled with inspiring discussions and people!” – representative.