The Social Travel Summit 2018 will continue to break new ground in travel and destination marketing.

As always, it will be a small conference of just around 150 delegates which will include top bloggers and influencers from around the world as well as industry representatives seeking to leverage their clout. Being small is an advantage: serious discussion, networking and learning takes place in a way that would be impossible at larger conferences.

The arrival date for all delegates is Monday, 24th September 2018. In the afternoon, a variety of city tours will be organised for all delegates. In the evening, the delegates will be welcomed at an exciting and fun-filled reception and dinner.

Day 1 of the conference (Tuesday, 25th September 2018) will focus on growth marketing, specifically on outcomes – how to define, measure, and achieve real goals. The conference kicks off with an energetic and thought-provoking opening keynote. This is followed by peer-to-peer sessions where delegates are able to share experiences in influencer marketing and learn from each other. The rest of the day will feature insightful sessions on defining and achieving marketing goals. And, of course, there is the Think Tank which, for the past four years, has examined the challenges of influencer/brand collaboration and resulted in the production of an annual STS Think Tank White Paper. In the evening, all delegates are invited to a lavish Gala Dinner at one of Belfast’s top attractions.

Day 2 (Wednesday, 26th September) will dig deeper into travel marketing and proven strategies. Delegates will learn from expert keynotes, as well as sessions on destination marketing in emerging markets, case studies from peers and social media ‘pay-to-play’ strategies. STS Belfast will come to a close with a reception and dinner at one of Belfast’s hottest venues!

As always, there will be plenty of time for networking and fun!

Scroll down to read about the speakers and topics. Watch this space as we confirm more details on speakers and topics.

Jason Miller 

Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn

Rock ‘n’ Roll Photographer

Jason A Miller is a B2B marketer and global content marketing leader at LinkedIn by day, and a rock ‘n’ roll photographer by night. He’s also a prolific keynote speaker, professor of marketing strategy at the University of California, Berkeley, and the best-selling author of Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social Media and Content Marketing up to 11. His unique approach to digital marketing is born of his 10 years in the music business. His ideas and strategies are both inspiring and proven to work on the frontline, helping overcome some of the biggest challenges that marketers face today.

Topic: Standing Out with Demand Generation Marketing

How do you stand out from the crowd and build a demand generation engine to fuel your business goals? With a multi-channel, integrated digital strategy that encompasses traditional tools like email and websites, with marketing automation, social media, and influencer marketing. In this session, rock star Content Marketer and Demand Generation expert, Jason Miller, will break down what you need to acquire, nurture, and convert the traveler into a customer and advocate for your blog, social platforms, website, destination, and/or product. Strap in and get ready for the ride of your life – it’s going to be an adventure.

Ian Cleary

Founder, RazorSocial

Ian Cleary is founder of the award-winning blog and content marketing agency RazorSocial. He is a lecturer on Content Marketing at Rutgers University and has been featured in The New York Times, and Forbes. He contributes to the latter publication monthly. Ian is also co-founder of OutreachPlus, an email outreach tool which automates, simplifies, and speeds up the process of sending highly personalized emails to a new or existing audience. In a report by Onalytica, Ian was listed as the 25th most influential person in social media globally and the 38th most influential content marketer. Ian speaks at top marketing conferences around the world, including Social Media Marketing World, Content Marketing World, and MarTech. Forbes recently referred to Ian’s presentation at MarTech as “one of the most memorable presentations of the conference.” He has contributed articles to VentureBeat,, Huffington Post, and many other leading online publications. Ian was also a contributing author to Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.

Topic: Optimizing Content for Outcomes

No matter how good your content is, you need to optimize its creation and promotion to ensure that you achieve the desired outcomes. This requires an advanced understanding of keyword research, pillar content, content conversion funnels, and how they all can improve Google ranking. During this session, Ian will share a 5-step process for ensuring that you get the maximum reach and benefit possible for the content you produce for your site and the content generated as part of a collaborative campaign. You’ll walk away with a more strategic approach as well as practical steps to implement.


Erik van Erp

Founder and Publisher, Around the Globe

As the founder and publisher of Around the Globe travel community, Erik is one of the top influencers in the Netherlands. The Around the Globe community has, since its inception in 2002, grown to become one of the largest independent traveler communities in the country. With his background in IT, Erik has developed unique tools to provide support to travelers during their journeys. An avid traveler himself, he keeps abreast of the changing needs of his audience by constantly polling and using innovative analytical growth strategies.

Erik is a speaker at travel conferences and universities revealing digital marketing strategies and analytical topics in an easy, understandable way. Erik is the Director of IT for iambassador and advises iambassador bloggers and the iambassador Management Team on technical and analytical challenges to help the travel industry move forward. He has and will play an instrumental role in developing the iambassador blogger database with its integrated project management, tracking, and ROI calculation systems where he will continue to develop and execute iambassador’s IT strategies, client reporting, and internal communication platforms.

Topic: Defining Desired Outcomes and How to Measure Them

Digital influencer campaigns have become the new norm. With every campaign you learn new things, but we should ask ourselves some questions. Are we (influencers) executing campaigns correctly? Have we (industry) set the right goals and made the right selection? Is there room for improvement? With the internet moving more and more in a data-driven direction, we as an industry need to adapt and learn how to incorporate the tools and data available to track our own success and learn how to look at the outcomes. There is more to it than you might think. During this presentation both industry and influencers will learn how to set goals and define outcomes, how to correctly execute campaigns, how to measure them, and how to learn from previous projects. Finally, we will look at what the future might bring and how you can prepare for it.

Peter Jordan


Peter Jordan is a consultant and researcher specialised in the curation and interpretation of travel trends, for diverse clients from inside and outside the tourism industry. With a background in industry education as well as marketing and communications at various tourism industry associations, he has gained a panoramic view of global travel, including the influence of consumer trends on travel behaviour. He started his career working for the United Nations World Tourism Organization in Madrid and has also worked for the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation, as well as the Pacific Asia Travel Association.

In 2014 Peter founded the travel trends site GenCTraveller and also became an international associate of Toposophy, piloting the company’s research. He has built a strong reputation for delivering insights on tourism, marketing and consumer trends that are trustworthy, thought-provoking and inspire people to take action.

Topic: STS Think Tank

Peter Jordan has expertly overseen the STS Think Tank since 2016. This year, Peter will once again select pressing topics for delegates to discuss, provide a framework for fruitful debates and actionable items, and present a summary of the results to the delegates. He will also compile the STS Think Tank report.

Dana DiTomaso

President & Partner, Kick Point

Dana is President & Partner at Kick Point, where she applies marketing into strategies to grow clients’ businesses, in particular to ensure that digital and traditional play well together. With her deep experience in digital, Dana can separate real solutions from wastes of time (and budget). In her spare time, Dana is the past-president of the Advertising Club of Edmonton and is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM. She also enjoys drinking fancy beer and yelling at football players.

Topic: Turning Ideas into Actions: Developing a Realistic Plan 

You’ve learned many new tactics and tools today — now how will you turn those ideas into a plan that you can actually implement? How do you decide what is worth doing and what isn’t going to help you get to where you need to be? In this talk, Dana will teach you how to turn data into insights that help you prioritize realistic goals. She will provide guidelines to help you build an action plan that integrates online, offline, pay-to-play, partnering strategies, and content marketing. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what makes a budget realistic and the ability to invest more effectively in your marketing strategy.

Nick Westergaard

Chief Brand Strategist, Brand Driven Digital

We welcome back Nick Westergaard to The Social Travel Summit. Nick is Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Driven Digital, where he helps build better brands at organizations of all sizes — from small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to President Obama’s Jobs Council. He’s also the author of Brand Now: How to Stand Out in a Crowded, Distracted World and Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small. An in-demand speaker at conferences throughout the world, he also teaches branding and marketing at the University of Iowa and hosts the popular On Brand podcast. Nick lives with his family in Coralville, Iowa.

Topic: Brand Now! STS Take-Aways Through a Branding Lens

Strong brands with something to say matter now more than ever. Throughout the Social Travel Summit we’ve emphasized outcomes over outputs. We’ve looked at how to identify desired outcomes, digital marketing strategies to meet them, and how to measure success. It’s time to look at your takeaways from two days of learning through a branding lens. Nick Westergaard wrote the book on branding in the digital age. He’ll teach us to recast the role of branding and provide a framework in which to fit your takeaways to build a solid brand that tells your story and is ready for collaboration.

Helene Sula

Founder, Helene In Between

Helene quit the corporate world and packed up two suitcases, two dogs, and she and her husband moved from Dallas, Texas to Heidelberg, Germany- a country she’d never stepped foot in. The purpose was to travel Europe, write about her travels, and encourage others to live out their dreams. She is a full time blogger who has a passion for photography and capturing the moment. She has helped 1,000s of other bloggers build and grow their brand through tried and tested strategies she learned while working in digital brand strategy, social media marketing, and marketing. Helene has been featured on national and international TV, radio, and named one of the most traveled bloggers in the world for 2017.


Topic: Getting Out of the Trenches – How to grow your influencer business by hiring, delegating and leading the team. A plan for success.

Running a successful blog is an incredible amount of work. Doing everything yourself can take a toll. Is it time to ask for help to get more bang for your buck? Getting help can boost your blog, income, and help you spend time on the things you love doing. But what tasks should you delegate? How do you find the right people? And how much should you pay? I’ll share how I found the people that made the difference and set you up with a plan for success.